Few urban suburbs can boast ocean beaches, sparkling bays, historic villages, architectural treasures and beautiful vistas of lakes, canals, ponds and forest fields.

Babylon, NY and Babylon in Suffolk County, New York, are among the very fortunate few, according to Jim A. Netter of Netter Real Estate, premier Long Island property brokers. No wonder Suffolk was listed by Forbes Magazine as the fourth richest county in America.

Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island’s exquisite Suffolk County residential communities enjoy the same treasured settings as the area’s original settlers from Suffolk County in England. Ironically that name means “southern people” (as opposed to the northern folks of “Norfolk). Attracted by the area’s temperate weather, abundant clean water and rich soil, these early settlers quickly gained a strong reputation as farmers extraordinaire — even for tulips and dahlia bulbs in Babylon. Within Suffolk County are more lighthouses than are found in any other county in the nation, with 15 of the original 26 still standing.

Babylon, NY was named for its founder’s English homeland, Babylon, NY, just north of Oxford, the birthplace of Edward the Confessor. One guess at the name’s origin is “slippery hill.” Located on Long Island’s south shore, Babylon, NY was home to Jacob Ockers, the internationally known “Oyster King” at the turn of the century, and his home is on the National Register of Historic Places. Ockers’ Blue Point Oyster Company brought such renown to the area, New York State passed a law forbidding any oysters to be called “Bluepoints” unless they came from the Great South Bay. Until around 1915, Babylon, NY streets were paved using oyster shells.

The 2.41 square-mile city of Babylon owes its unusual name to the mother of early settler Nathaniel Conklin who, in 1803, moved “to the hills” to what is now East Main St. at Deer Park Ave, a site now on the National Register of Historic Places. One story says his mother picked the name Babylon because she didn’t want to live there. Probably the name became even more appropriate in her eyes when she learned next door would be the American Hotel and Tavern. Ancient Babylon’s name was perhaps an adaption an ancient Akkadian word for “Gateway of God” or the Hebrew word for “confusing” or “to confuse.”

Walt Whitman once taught school in Babylon, but charges were brought against him and some of his students for “rowdy behavior” by the farmer who owned the land where the new King Kullen stands on Merrick Road. In the ‘20s and ‘30s, Babylon was as popular a resort for the rich and famous as the Hamptons are today. Fred and Adele Astaire were among the celebrities as was Rudolph Valentino whose movie “Vitagraph” used what is now Farmingdale Road (Route 109) for a chase scene.

Among the Babylon historical treasures are its town hall, the Nathaniel Conklin House, Sisters of St. Dominic Motherhouse Complex and the Frank W. Smith House.

Babylon, NY visitor George Washington stayed in Sagtikos Manor in West Bay Shore, one of the many mansions built by wealthy summer visitors from NYC. William K. Vanderbilt’s estate is now Dowling College. Singer Sewing Machine magnate Admiral Bourne’s home is now St. John’s University.

Eight nearby national wildlife refuges testify to the area’s appreciation of its natural resources. Its outer barrier beaches and hundreds of square miles of waterways have resulted in a longtime history of maritime surveillance and protection.

As one of the nation’s richest counties and one of the original Province of New York’s original counties, Suffolk offers its ten towns — including Babylon and Babylon, NY — the high level of amenities demanded by those who can afford the very best in lower and higher education, entertainment, cuisine, shopping, arts and culture.

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